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Here are some frequently asked built green, energy efficiency and reclaimed materials questions. Also,  There is a contact form if you need more specific answers to additional questions or more details and information than posted here.

What is "green built" or "green build"?

Homes built green is more than a trend; indeed, it represents a commitment to environmentally sound construction and design. Furthermore, it is a philosophy that encompasses every facet of building. Starting from the implementation of natural conduction and convection to keep energy costs minimal, to the use of recycled and reclaimed materials used in construction, it considers every way to improve energy efficiency. Finally, the goal is maintain the best balance with the environment.

Where does a built green home make the difference?

Built green means trying through every facet of design, construction, and finally habitation to respect environmental concerns. Ideally, the goal is to keep energy costs down and efficiency up. Furthermore, to make the least negative impact on the environment possible.

Where can I learn more about green resources?

There are many great sites to learn information about the green build movement.There is a list of resources and services listed HERE

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